Eating and Drinking at the Glen

An Array of Cask Ales and Scrumptious Food

Our experienced team look forward to delighting you with their generous hospitality, extensive food menu using locally sourced produce, roaring fires, and a range of Cask ales.



Soup of the Day • £5.95

Greek Salad Skewers • £6.95

Mutabal • £6.95

naan bread, hummus and vegetables (VG)

Lemon & Garlic Chicken Wings • £6.95

Triple Cheese & Tarragon Stuffed Mushroom • £6.95

Lamb Samosa • £6.95

with mint mayo

Garlic Prawns • £7.95

with ciabatta

Platters to Share

Fish Platter • £12.95

smoked salmon, garlic prawns, battered squid rings, bread and butter

Baked Camembert Platter • £12.95

camembert, caramelised onions, grapes and crusty bread

Meat Platter • £12.95

procuitto, salami, ham,olives, sliced apples and cherry tomatoes


Available as a Starter or a Main

Greek Salad • £6.95 / £11.95

Halloumi, Carrot & Orange Salad • £6.95 / £11.95

Avocado Panzanella • £6.95 / £11.95

Chicken Caesar Salad • £7.95 / £12.95


Lunchtime Only
All Served on a White or Brown Bread with Fries and Salad

Fish Finger Sandwich • £7.95

with tartare sauce, lettuce and tomato

Cold Roast Beef Sandwich • £7.95

with onion marmalade and horseraddish

Ploughman's Sandwich • £6.95

with pickled onions, cheddar cheese and branston pickle

Ham and Cheddar Toastie • £6.95

Avocado, Hummus and Halloumi Sandwich • £6.95

Pub Classics

Pickles Pub Burger • £12.95

with burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and fries

Slow Cooked Steak & Timothy Taylor Ale Pie • £12.95

with hand cut chips, mushy peas and gravy

Beer Battered Haddock • £12.95

with hand cut chips, tartare sauce and mushy peas

Breaded Scampi • £12.95

with hand cut chips, tartare sauce and mushy peas

Classic Bangers and Mash • £12.95

with onion gravy and peas


Rump Steak (6oz) • £15.95

with mushroom, tomato, peas, peppercorn sauce and fries

Hunter's Chicken • £13.95

with bacon, bbq sauce, cheese, fries and salad

Salmon • £13.95

with spinach, new potatoes and tartare sauce

Grilled Veggie Skewers • £12.95

with fries and salad

Halloumi & Mushroom Burger • £12.95

with fries


Fudge Cake • £6.95

with ice cream, cream or custard

Cheesecake • £6.95

with whipped cream or ice cream

Knickerbocker Glory • £6.95

vanilla and strawberry ice cream with strawberries sauce and whipped cream

Toffee Sundae • £6.95

toffee and vanilla ice cream with toffee sauce and whipped cream

Ice Cream (3 Scoops) • £6.95

vanilla, strawberry, toffee, chocolate, bubblegum or rum & raisin


Hand Cut Chips • £2.95

French Fries • £2.95

Onion Rings • £2.95

Green Salad • £2.95

Bacon & Cheese Fries • £5.95

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